By: Cliff Barron

Cliff Barron's 3rd Annual Great Pumpkin Giveaway!
Friday Oct 12th, 2018


Once again, we are excited to be hosting our yearly charity event this October 21st from 12-4:00 in Beaty Trail Park.  Bring your family and stop by to say "hi" to The Cliff Barron Team, friends, family, neighbours... and pick a pumpkin! See you there!   ...Read More

By: Cliff Barron

Home Staging - To Stage or Not To Stage?
Monday Sep 24th, 2018


There’s no question - a staged home sells faster and for more money.  It’s a given. All you have to do is go to a builder's model home site and take a look.  All of their homes are beautifully staged, right from the kids’ names on the the bedroom walls to the main floor office with not a hint of a loose piece of paper in sight. They’ve done their research and ...Read More

By: Cliff Barron

Pre-Inspection & New Home Inspection - Important?
Tuesday Sep 18th, 2018


Several times I’ve shown homes to potential buyers and sitting there on the kitchen table is... a pre-listing inspection binder.  What’s this? The sellers have hired a professional home inspector to come in prior to listing their home. This helps them in knowing what to expect when an offer comes in - just in case some things in the home need attention.  It’s rare, but ...Read More

By: Cliff Barron

Back To School
Wednesday Sep 05th, 2018


It’s that time of year again – back to school!  I can hear a collective cheer from all parents around the world!  Now is the time for our little ones to get off of the computer and social media and start filling their brains again.  But what does this have to do with Real Estate? It’s actually a huge influence on the market. Traditionally each year, the market is...Read More

By: Cliff Barron

Plant A Tree!
Monday Aug 27th, 2018

Tags: Plant A Tree!

  I sell a lot of homes in Milton, Ontario. At one time, Milton was a small, quaint town with a population of around 30,000 people. That was before the big developers like Mattamy, Great Gulf and Greenpark came to town. I remember driving through Milton on my way out to Carlisle wondering where all the construction came from and why Derry Road was being expanded from 2 lanes to 4. That was b...Read More

By: Cliff Barron

Cottage Life?
Tuesday Aug 21st, 2018


I was lucky enough this past weekend to spend time with some very good clients of mine at their cottage.   I sold their house in Oakville, Ontario in the fall of 2017 and I managed to find them a gorgeous cottage near Bobcaygeon close to Peterborough. When I was there I asked them if they had, or are having any regrets about leaving the big city.  They admitted that they wish they had...Read More

By: Cliff Barron

The Current Real Estate Market In Milton
Wednesday Aug 15th, 2018

Tags: The Current Real Estate Market In Milton

  I've been selling homes in Milton for years.  In fact, I've sold over 500 Milton homes - so to quote a popular insurance company, “I know a thing or two because I've seen a thing or two…” In those years, I've witnessed the market go every which way - up, down and sideways - and people are always asking for my market prediction. I think the hardest t...Read More

By: Cliff Barron

The Best Way To Clean White Grout
Friday Dec 01st, 2017

Tags: The Best Way To Clean White Grout

BUT, This is ONLY for white grout! I haven’t tested it on any other colour so beware! I recently decided to clean the grout in my kitchen. It’s been a few years and I know from personal experience that when selling a home, clean grout really does make a big difference. Plus with the dog coming in and out the dirty grout was really starting to bug the heck out of me. I tried a lot of ...Read More

By: Cliff Barron

The Change In The Market
Thursday June 01st, 2017


Back in January I saw pricing increase at unsustainable rates. I listed a home in Milton for $759,900 and sold it for $821,000 which was by far a record price for that model home. I remember having over 50 showings in the first two days and when I did an open house on the Saturday, a couple of days after listing almost 30 groups of people came through. Remember, this was January – not April ...Read More

By: Cliff Barron

Market Update
Wednesday Mar 01st, 2017

Tags: Market Update

I predicted last week that the market would still remain very active for the next 6-9 months. However, something has come to my attention that has affected my prediction. The banks can’t raise interest rates, we know that but what they can do is tighten up lending criteria. I’m seeing so many properties sell for 200-300k OVER the asking price and they sell firm with no conditions. IF t...Read More