About Jim Toris

 Jim Toris brings over 20 years of experience from the retail sales industry into the world of real estate, with a clear understanding how to build client relationships through good communication.

 Jim grew up in Georgetown and later moved to Brampton where he graduated secondary school and went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree. In the years that followed he managed a retail store which inspired him to venture out and become the owner of his own guitar shop, specializing in guitar sales and music lessons.

 A husband and father of two young children, Jim is devoted to creating a happy and fun environment for his family. There is always lots of laughter and plenty of music being heard at the Toris homestead.

  The very same commitment that Jim puts into his home-life also extends to the care and loyalty he brings to his clients. From the very first phone call right through the entire process, he is devoted to making certain that his clients receive the very best experience.