About Cliff Barron

Sales Representative


I became a realtor way back in 2005. I wasn't always a real estate agent though - before that, I was self-employed in the golf industry. I started running my own golf business from my parents basement and within four years, my small company was doing over a million dollars a year in sales. Just like any business or job however, it started to grind on me. I was working seven days a week and really in need of a change.

My Dad was a Toronto realtor in the 50’s and he was very good at it. Not many people know this but he was the first realtor in the city to call residents on a street from the phone book. (He used to work for Bell Telephone, so I guess that’s where he got the idea). My Mom would help him out -they would call 50 people a day, and within his first year selling real estate he had more listings than his entire office combined. He later transitioned to become a mortgage broker and over the years, I learned a lot from him. In fact, when I was around 18, I sold a condo for him privately. I prepared it for the sale, put ads in the paper, did the showings, etc., and found him a buyer. He even gave me a small commission!

I found myself bored with the golf industry and in need of a change. Real estate was a natural fit for me and within my first full time year of being a realtor I followed in my Dad’s footsteps and quickly rose to top producing agent in my office. I did over 40 deals in my first year (the average agent does around 3). I walked every single street in Milton countless times and could name every Mattamy model home, its square footage and recent selling price just by looking at it. I really put the time and research into becoming an area expert - and it has paid off up to this day. Being a top producer is proof that honesty, hard-work and just doing what you say you’re going to do really does pay off.

I’ve been a top producing agent over 12 years in a row and now I’m in the fortunate position of receiving the majority of my business by client referrals. It’s a great feeling when a client is so happy with their buying or selling experience that they tell a friend or family member.

One thing that I take pride in is my construction experience. I rebuilt my home from the ground up, pretty much on my own and now I can walk into a house and spot shoddy construction work in seconds. If I see something that doesn't look right, I tell my clients. Knowledge is power when it comes to buying. Even when I list a house for sale, if I see something that raises a red flag, I’ll suggest that my clients get it repaired before listing so there are no surprises later on. Floor joists cut, disconnected ductwork, holes in brickwork, basement cracks, leaking furnaces, improper plumbing, etc. - you name it, I’ve seen it!

Believe it or not, I actually do have spare time here and there. My hobbies include going to the gym, staying fit, golfing and playing guitar. My priority though is always to spend time with my 3 beautiful children: Dakota, KC and Lizzy.